Why Choose a Dixie Foam Bed?

Compare an ordinary mattress and a DixieFoam mattress on comfort, firmness, support, durability and quality.  We're sure you'll find that the DixieFoam Beds are far superior.  Want more information?  Read on ...

Advantages of DixieFoam Bedstm

A DixieFoam Bed is nothing to sneeze at

Our foam is hygienic, clean, dust-less, odor-free, and mildew resistant; it's the ideal bed for many suffers of common allergies.

A DixieFoam Bed breathes

Our foam's unique cell construction allows air to flow throughout your mattress so you sleep cooler and drier in warm weather. 

A DixieFoam Bed doesn't care how much you weigh

Because our foam individually supports your body weight, people of different body size, shape, and weight can sleep comfortably without rolling toward each other.

The only moving part of a DixieFoam Bed is You

There's no crunch, squeak, or splash.  Only millions of tiny air cells continually bouncing back to shape as you change sleeping positions.

A DixieFoam Bed is a smart bed throughout

The high support factor of our foam provides deep down firmness for true sleeping comfort.  Our mattresses never need to be turned.

A DixieFoam Bed supports your every move.

In whatever position you like to sleep in, our mattresses adjust to your body contours.  Chances are you'll toss and turn a lot less on our mattresses.

A DixieFoam Bed lasts and lasts and lasts.

Our foam is highly durable for lasting satisfaction.

Judging Foam Quality

Density is a measure of weight, not firmness.  The higher the density, the higher the quality in terms of durability, resilience and support, provided that the foam is "prime" (not loaded with mineral filler, but pure).  DixieFoam Bedstm uses only prime foam.  Latex and Visco-Elastic (Memory Foam) and Hi-Resilience Carbamate are among the highest density foams available.

Resilience is the bounciness or elasticity of the foam.

Firmness (more accurately, surface firmness) is the resistance to compression near the surface of the mattress.  It is measured by the surface Indentation Force Deflection, or IFD, measure.  Deep-down firmness is the IFD measurement under severe compression.

Support factor is the ratio of deep-down IFD to the surface IFD of the mattress.  It is an extremely important measure of the resistance to bottoming out under sustained pressure.