About Us

Since 1971, well before foam mattresses were being vacuum packed and sold online, Dixie Foam Beds was established by Monty Bram.  His mission was to educate the public about the many advantages of sleeping on foam bedding.

Since then we have been offering a full line of high quality foam bedding to shoppers, locally and throughout the country.

In our GreenPoint Brooklyn NY factory direct outlet, not only do we manufacture - but showcase our products, all of which are made using the highest grade foams available.  

Made in the USA, We take great pride in providing our customers with an understanding of the materials and construction of our mattresses, so that they can be confident with their purchase.

For almost 50 years, this approach combined with the personal attention to every order, has allowed us to build a loyal customer following. Spread across generations, our shoppers continue to recommend us to their family and friends.

We are extremely grateful and very proud that over four decades later, Monty’s mission lives on.