Why choose a Dixie Foam mattress?

Nothing to Sneeze At

  • Our foam is hygienic, clean, dust-less, odor-free, and mildew resistant; it's the ideal bed for many suffers of common allergies

It Breathes

  • Our foam's unique cell construction allows air to flow throughout your mattress so you sleep cooler and drier in warm weather.

Supports All Body Shapes

  • Because our foam individually supports your body weight, people of different body size, shape, and weight can sleep comfortably without rolling toward each other.

The Only Moving Part is You

  • There's no crunch, squeak, or splash. Only millions of tiny air cells continually bouncing back to shape as you change sleeping positions.

Smart Throughout

  • The high support factor of our foam provides deep down firmness for true sleeping comfort. Our mattresses never need to be turned.

Supports Your Every Move

  • Whichever position in which you like to sleep, our mattresses adjust to your body contours. Chances are you'll toss and turn a lot less on our mattresses.

It’s Durable

  • Our foam is highly durable for lasting satisfaction.

What Makes Dixie Foam unique?

Each Dixie Foam mattress is hand made in our Brooklyn, NY factory using only the highest-quality, high density foam available. Each mattress is made to order which removes the store-front middle-man and provides superior quality, cost-efficient products.

How Many Models Are Available?

There are seven Dixie Foam Bed models available. Review their details here

How Do I Choose the Right Mattress for Me?

Depending on how you sleep – whether you are a stomach, side, or back sleeper – will determine the firmness needed for your mattress.

Where are Dixie Foam Beds made?

All Dixie Foam Beds are made in our factory in Brooklyn, New York, USA.

What Types of Materials Go into Dixie Foam Beds?

There are many different types of foams used in different mattresses, each creating a different feel and contour experience. You can learn more about which mattress and foam combinations will best suit you and your family by learning about them here

How do I Clean My Foam Mattress?

Dixie Foam Beds recommends using a mattress protector to ensure that your mattress is kept clean.

Does Latex in Foam Mattresses Cause Allergies?

Latex is not known to cause allergies. Additionally, the mattress cover provides protection against any latex in the mattress.

How Do Dixie Foam Beds Compare to Mattresses Sold in Stores?

Our beds are custom-made from the highest-quality materials available and are offered without the retail markup, ensuring that you are provided both a superior product and the lowest possible cost.

How Do I Clean My Foam Mattress?

For regular cleaning maintenance of your foam mattress simply use a hand held vacuum gently.

What is Your Return Policy?

Our return policy is available here

What Warranty is Available?

All of our products are warrantied. You can view our warranty details here