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Modular Foam Furniture & Other Custom Products

In addition to the line of classic, high quality bedding offered by DixieFoam Bedstm , a wide range of custom and made-to-order products are also produced in our NYC factory such as:

Convertible All Foam Modular Furniture

SofaBed Mattresses

Other Custom Orders

Convertible All-Foam Furniture

DixieFoam Beds produces four models of convertible modular furniture of high quality, high density foam.  Choose from our designer fabrics or provide your own.


bi-fold sofa

A two-part unit hinged with fabric length or width wise.  Flips open into corresponding size cot to king bed.  Wedge bolsters (included) make it complete.


foam giselle

This unit combines a full length plush wedge bolster attached to a 14" base.  The bolster flips back to make a Full or Queen size bed.

Triple Fold Futon:

triple-fold foam sofa

A three part unit, hinged with fabric width-wise that allows it to open into sizes from cot to king.  Wedge bolsters (included) complete each piece.

Puzzle Sofa:

puzzle foam  sofa

The U-shaped bolster and T-shaped base fit together like a puzzle to form either a full or queen size bed,in addition to a few different seating options.

Convertible All-Foam Modular Furniture pricing:

Size Open

Bi Fold


Triple Fold



$ 250


$ 225



$ 345


$ 325



$ 425

$ 650

$ 395

$ 650


$ 495

$ 750

$ 445

$ 750


$ 575


$ 525


SofaBed Mattresses

sofabed foam mattress

How is the mattress on your convertible sofa?  Chances are very good that yours should be replaced.  Too often, the low quality mattresses sold with sofabeds simply don't provide the support required for healthful sleep.  See the difference that a durable, comfortable DixieFoam Beds™  mattress will make to you and your guests!

We make our essential convertible bed mattresses in both DreamBedtm and EasyResttm qualities. They are made in 4” thickness for easy foldability. However, sofa bed mattresses are not produced in standard sizes!  Measure the length and width of the inside of the bed frame and order that size for the perfect fit.

Convertible Bed Mattress






54 X 72

$ 345

$ 275


60 X 75

$ 395

$ 315


Other Made to Order Mattresses and Furniture

Over the years, and it's been 35, DixieFoam Bedstm has produced a vast array of projects to suit special needs and requests of customers. 

As examples, we've made custom mattresses and cushions in various shapes and sizes for boats, RVs, windowseats, unusual beds, antique beds, display beds (for stores), sofas, playrooms,  and hotels.